Calculus II

Class Schedule: MWF 10:00-10:53, Harriman Hall.

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 TopicWorksheetReadingDatePractice Problems
Lecture 1Logistics, What is Calculus?NA Jan 23 NA
Lecture 2Fundamental Theorem of CalculusWorksheet 15.1-5.4Jan 25
Lecture 3The Substitution RuleWorksheet 25.5Jan 27
Lecture 4The Substitution Rule (cont.) and Integration by PartsWorksheet 35.5, 5.6Jan 30Practice Problems I 
Lecture 5Integration by Parts (cont.) and Partial Fractions5.6, 5.7Feb 1
Lecture 6Partial FractionsWorkshhet 45.7Feb 3
Lecture 7Partial Fraction+Area between Curves5.7, 6.1Feb 6Practice Problems II
Lecture 8Area Between CurvesWorksheet 56.1Feb 8
Lecture 9Area enclosed by Parametric Curves and VolumeWorksheet 66.1-6.2Feb 10
Lecture 10Solids of RevolutionWorksheet 76.2Feb 13NA
Lecture 11Solids of Revolution (Shell Method)Worksheet 86.3Feb 15
Lecture 12Arc LengthWorksheet 96.4Feb 17
Lecture 13Average Value and Applications to PhysicsWorksheet 106.5, 6.6Feb 20Practice Problems III
Lecture 14Applications to Physics6.6Feb 22
Lecture 15Probability and Improper IntegralsWorksheet 115.10, 6.8Feb 24
Lecture 16Improper Integrals5.10Feb 27

Practice Problems IV


Lecture 17Improper IntegralsWorksheet 125.10Mar 1
Lecture 18Introduction  to Series, Geometric SeriesWorksheet 138.2Mar 3
Lecture 19Convergence and Divergence of SequencesNo Worksheet8.1Mar 6

Practice Problems V


Lecture 20The Divergence Test and Comparison with Improper IntegralsNo Worksheet8.2, 8.3Mar 8
Lecture 21The Comparison and the Limit Comparison TestsWorksheet 148.3Mar 20

Practice Problems VI


Lecture 22Other Convergence Tests (I)Worksheet 158.4Mar 22
Lecture 23Other Convergence Tests (II)8.4Mar 24
Lecture 24Estimating the Error for SeriesWorksheet 168.3, 8.4Mar 27Practice Problems VII
Lecture 25Power SeriesWorksheet 178.5Mar 29
Lecture 26Power Series representations of Functions (I)Worksheet 188.6Mar 31
Lecture 27Power Series representations of Functions (II)8.6Apr 3Practice Problems VIII
Lecture 28Taylor and Maclaurin Series (I)Worksheet 198.7Apr 5
Lecture 29Taylor and Maclaurin Series (II)8.7Apr 10Practice Problems IX
Lecture 30Taylor and Maclaurin Series (III)8.7Apr 12
Lecture 31Taylor Polynomials and ApproximationsWorksheet 208.8Apr 14
Lecture 32Differential EquationsWorksheet 217.1Apr 17Practice Problems X
Lecture 33Differential Equations and ModelingWorksheet 227.1,7.3Apr 19
Lecture 34Separable Differential EquationsWorksheet 237.3Apr 21