Adam Bahrami Music: Brazilian choro, samba and forro' in Boston

131117_adam_tcb_atwoods_4.jpgAdam Bahrami pandeiroForro Zabumbeca at Harvard

In addition to being a scientist and educator, Adam plays Brazilian 7-string guitar, cavaco and pandeiro in the Boston music scene with a variety of groups, including Forro' Zabumbeca, Choro Bastardo, and Chora Mais.  In the recent past, Adam directed the popular Boston-area choro ensemble Choro Democrático.

The debut Forro' Zabumbeca album, "Forro' in Stereo," is available for download here, or in hard-copy at one of the shows.


Upcoming shows 2016

Sun 6/12:  Forro' Zabumbeca [Paddy League (8-bass accordion, rabeca) & Kenny Kozol (zabumba), Catherine Bent (triangle) & Adam Bahrami (7-string guitar)].  Somerville Squeezebox Slam, Davis Square, Somerville, MA.  3pm.

Mon 10/17:  Chora Mais [Catherine Bent (cello), Paddy League (8-bass button accordion) & Adam Bahrami (7-string guitar)].  Tres Gatos, Jamaica Plain, MA. 8pm.


Choro BastardoAdam Bahrami 7-string guitar

Past shows: