Anthony (Tony) Jack is a PhD. Candidate in Sociology and an Associate Doctoral Fellow in the Multidisciplinary Program in Inequality & Social Policy at Harvard University. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, he made the trek north and entered Amherst College as a first-generation college student in 2003. After four incredible years, Tony graduated from Amherst with a B.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies and Religion cum laude in 2007. On the day of graduation, the New York Times released a biographical essay chronicling his experiences at Amherst. In the subsequent year, he served as the Amherst College Alumni Fellow and began consulting with colleges, high schools, and enrichment and pipeline programs that help academically talented, lower-income youth gain access to selective colleges and universities. He continues this work today.

At Harvard, Tony is interested in race, culture, education, urban poverty, and qualitative methods. More specifically, Tony researches present-day experiences of lower-income undergraduates at elite colleges and universities in the context of race- and class-based affirmative action measures in admissions. His dissertation outlines the overlooked diversity in lower-income undergraduates’ trajectories to college and examines how these divergent pathways, and the accompanying precollege experiences, affect undergraduates' social experiences once they enter the college gates. Tony's research also examines how African Americans respond to racism and discrimination in their daily lives. His work appears in the Du Bois Review and Sociological Forum.

Tony holds fellowships from the Ford Foundation and the National Science Foundation, and is a graduate student affiliate at the Center for American Political Studies. In addition to his academic work, Tony serves as a Resident Tutor in Mather House.

Outside of work, Tony enjoys rediscovering amazing shows via Netflix, walking along the Charles River, exploring cities through their culinary gems, escaping the real world through works of fiction (from James Baldwin to J.K. Rowling), and documenting new adventures to places near and far through photography.