I am a PhD student in Harvard University's Department of Government.   My work centers on the use of statistical methods for measuring complex political and social phenomena with a particular interest in international relations.  

Molly Roberts, Dustin Tingley, and I have released the R package stm which estimates the Structural Topic Model along with tools for plotting, covariate analysis and more.  See the page here.  The package is also available on CRAN- just use install.packages("stm").

One of my favorite parts of research is being able to work with a diverse group of interesting people and I am fortunate to have a number of wonderful collaborators.  I am currently working with Molly Roberts and Dustin Tingley on developing the Structural Topic Model (STM), an unsupervised topic model geared towards inference in the social sciences. Our paper on using STM for analyzing open-ended survey response is forthcoming at AJPS.  I am also working on developing Consilience and related methods for computer-assisted reading  (with Merce Crosas, Justin Grimmer and Gary King).  An early summary of ongoing work with Daniel Young on measuring constitutional moments was recently published by the Yale Law Journal (see a browser of our results here).  Brendan O'Connor  and I working on new methods for discovering political events in news-wire reports.  Finally, I am also working on a project about the criminalization of Human Trafficking (with Paulette Lloyd and Beth Simmons).  

You can find preprints of my publications on this site and on Google Scholar.