The modern theory of materials, based on the quantum theory of solids and powerful computational methods, makes it possible to address realistic problems of technological relevance. This allows researchers to explain experimental findings in detail and to make predictions of new structures and materials with interesting behavior. 

Our group explores these possibilities for applications to important scientific questions and current issues, such as the development of novel materials for solar energy conversion or energy storage.  Other areas of interest include biomolecules, like DNA, and their interaction with nanostructured materials like carbon nanotubes and graphene, and the simulation of blood flow in coronary arteries (find out more in ABOUT US).  Research in these topics can lead to better understanding of fundamental issues in the behavior of materials, and can provide solutions to practical problems in energy and biomedical applications.

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Research Positions: For availability of graduate and postdoctoral research positions please contact Prof. Kaxiras [kaxiras at physics dot harvard dot edu]. Qualified persons should send their CV and names of references. Harvard University is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from under-represented groups such as women and minorities.