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Our Collective Responsibility for School Integration

In his historical portrait of federal, state, and local efforts to integrate schools, James Ryan, former law professor at the University of Virginia and current dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), boiled down the essential message of the courts on desegregation to one of stubborn individualism and privilege:  “Save the cities, but spare the suburbs.”  After finally listening to the recent

Choosing A Battle in the Fight for Educational Justice

Once again, I have been thinking about the false binary that is the education reform vs. anti-reform narrative. Allegedly, there are two sides and only two sides. On one, there are corporate-style dark-money-funded enemies of public education. On the other, there are virtuous, pristine defenders of public education. Ironically but maybe not surprisingly, both sides see themselves as champions of equality and justice for all. But because there are only two sides, there can only be one winner, and so in order for one side to win, the other must lose.