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To Close the Belief Gap

There is a new buzzword among many who would reform education in this country:  it’s the Belief Gap (or, for the Twitterati, the #BeliefGap).  Although the term has been in the education reform ether for awhile, it came to renewed prominence in a December 2014 op-ed by Chris Barbic, the superintendent of the nascent Tennessee Achievement School District, and it has since been well promoted by the website Education Post.  In …

The Tacit Assumptions of Testing Season

With the slow receding of the snow come signs of spring – longer days, tiny but promising buds on the trees, the arrival of standardized test instruction booklets and nondisclosure agreements at schools all over the country.  Yes, spring is Testing Season.  But where testing used to mostly just strike anxiety into the hearts of students, the increasing popularity of policies binding teachers’ job performance to student test scores have meant that Testing Season is increasingly anxiety-inducing for teachers, as well.