John Robichaux is Senior Assistant Dean at Stanford University, and Founding Director of the Office of Collegiate Programs at Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies.

A veteran university administrator in graduate, undergraduate, and pre-college programs, Dean Robichaux is a global leader in university-based pre-college programs and university summer programs. His work in these areas is marked by a deep commitment to providing the world's best minds greater access to the world's best classrooms, and to provide the programmatic support necessary to ensure that students have the opportunity to acquire the skills they need to achieve their highest potential, inside and outside the classroom. He has held leadership posts at Harvard, MIT, Brown, and Stanford, has founded or co-founded several highly successful university academic and outreach programs, and has served as a consultant for universities around the globe in the areas of university summer and pre-college programming.

A dynamic speaker and experienced program designer, Robichaux has also created and executed hundreds of workshops and trainings in areas such as leadership, diversity/anti-discrimination, conflict resolution, faculty training, and first-year student and pre-college programming. From 1999 to 2002, he served as Founding Co-Coordinator of an NGO providing free relocation and educational services to refugees and immigrants entering the United States.

His academic research centers on contemporary Politics, Ethics and Religion, with particular focus on International Relations and Human Rights, and he regularly teaches in Political Science and Religious Studies.

He lives in beautiful northern California.


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