Courtney KK. Think You 'Own' What You 'Buy' on the Internet?. Politico [Internet]. 2015. Publisher's VersionAbstract

Think You ‘Own’ What You ‘Buy’ on the Internet? Think again. Digital media is locked up behind contracts and licensing.  Worse still, this digital media is sold with "buy" and "purchase" buttons, when in reality, you are merely leasing these items, and have absolutely no ownership rights.  Are consumers being lied to?

Testimony from Copyright Office's Public Roundtables on the Issues of Orphan Works and Mass Digitization, at Copyright Office, U.S. Congress, Washington D.C., Monday, March 10, 2014

The Copyright Office held public roundtables on the issues of orphan works and mass digitization in Washington, D.C., on March 10-11, 2014. These roundtables focused on the topics listed in the Office’s February 10, 2014 Notice of Inquiry and the comments submitted in response to the Office’s October 22, 2012 Notice of Inquiry.

Open Access at Harvard: An Evening with Peter Suber and Kyle Courtney for the Harvard Alumni Association, at Fong Auditorium, Boylston Hall, Harvard Yard, Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Peter Suber and Kyle Courtney hosted an evening exploring open access, copyright, fair use, and the work of Harvard Library’s Office for Scholarly Communication (OSC). Suber and Courtney are working on the front lines in order to make Harvard scholarship available to scholars the world over.