I teach the novel, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British and occasionally French culture, gender, and book history

My books include How to Do Things with Books in Victorian Britain (Princeton UP, 2012) and The Anthology and the Rise of the Novel (Cambridge UP, 2000).  I also edited Unpacking my Library: Writers and their Books (Yale UP, 2011); Literary Secretaries/Secretarial Culture (with Pamela Thurschwell); and (with Seth Lerer) a special issue of PMLA on The History of the Book and the Idea of Literature. 

I write on media old and new for the New York Times, London Review of BooksTimes Literary SupplementSan Francisco Chronicle, and Boston Globe

In progress: Out of Print: Reading After Paper. I am curious about what you read, where you read, when you read, how you read (sitting or standing? in public or private? on paper or plastic? by purchase or loan or hand-me-down or gift?),

& why.