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The way we once read, the way we read now: so close and yet so far. Whether the age of print feels safely remote or uncannily familiar, whether dead trees in dead cows inspire them with impatience or with nostalgia, Americans today are thinking – and feeling – about books more than ever before.  Out of Print aims to understand why printed books are being desecrated, worshipped, recycled and reimagined by so many people from designers to clerics to activists to artists, from engineers at Google who have beautified their offices with the spines of volumes disbound for scanning, to convicts forming book clubs that constitute one of the few majority-male reading spaces in present-day America, to volunteers who spend their retirement coaxing dyslexic children to read aloud to homeless puppies. Preview the project: Dead Again.” New York Times, 12 August 2012 "Bent Spines." New York Times, February 25, 2011 "Read a Book, Get out of Jail." New York Times, March 1, 2009. "You Are What You Read."New York Times, December 23, 2007.
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Review of Susan Elderkin and Ella Berthoud, "The Novel Cure"

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"You Can't Check Email." Review of Andrew Piper, "Book Was There", and Anouk Lang, "From Codex to Hypertext"

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The Help and the Helped

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When Doctors Prescribe Books to Heal the Mind

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How to Do Things with Books in Victorian Britain

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Honorable Mention, James Russell Lowell Prize for best book of literary criticism published in 2013. Named “book of the year” by Books and Culture and listed among “Top Ten History Books of 2012” by Open Letters MonthlyReviewed in Times Literary Supplement, Library Journal, Boston Globe, Times Higher Education Supplement, Literary Review, History Today, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Toronto Star, Threepenny Review, Los Angeles Review of Books, Chronicle of Higher Education, Books & Culture, National Post (Canada), Huffington Post, Review of English Studies, Nineteenth-Century Books Online, Review 13, Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net, Campaign for the American Reader, P. 99 Test, Humanities, Electric Scotland, Open Letters Monthly, Reception, Victorians Institute Journal, Journal of Victorian Culture, Wordsworth Circle, Victorian Web, Nineteenth-Century Contexts, and on NPR; Interviews on Talk Radio Europe, Literature Lab, HLIT, Books and Arts Daily, C-SPAN, and on WVKR FM; excerpted in Berfrois; Subject of panel discussions at Boston Book Festival, Mid-Manhattan Public Library; and of the annual weeklong faculty seminar, King's College Cambridge.
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Trollope and the Book as Prop
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