Luque received his PhD in Preventive Medicine (Epidemiology) and Public Health, awarded with Summa Cum Laude from the University of Granada (Spain) and the University ULB of Brussels (Belgium) and MSc in Biostatistics from the University of Newcastle, Australia. Since the beginning of his academic and professional career, Luque was interested in perinatal epidemiology and global health issues. Luque also was trained as field epidemiologist during his service as Epidemic Intelligence Officer (EIS) at the National Center of Epidemiology in Madrid, where he analyzed Determinants of maternal and Perinatal Morbi-mortality in Spain. Besides, Luque worked as field epidemiologist during several years in different African countries (DRC, CAR, Chad, Zimbabwe, South Africa) with the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Médecins Sans Frontières and with GOARN-WHO during the Cholera epidemic in Haiti, 2010. In Belgium, he worked as an Epidemiologist for the local government of the city of Brussels identifying socio-demographic and economic determinants of health inequalities. After the completion of his PhD, he moved to the University of Cape Town (UCT - Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Public Health-) as a research fellow. At UCT he acquired skills in evaluation research, using advanced methodological tools (marginal structural models) analyzing a large longitudinal data from Khayelitsha (HIV-Cohort). Then, he moved to the Harvard School of Public Health as a research fellow in the department of Epidemiology. Currently, his research interests are perinatal epidemiology, global health and epidemiologic methods.

Some press releases about my research activities:

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