Please also visit for my website at Renmin University of China, Beijing, China. Renmin University of China is a top university in China with focus on economic and social sciences.

I am an Assistant Professor at Renmin University of China in Beijing, China. I graduated from the Ph.D. program in Public Policy from Kennedy School of Government and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University in 2012. Before that I got a bachelor degree in engineering and two master degrees in engineering and economics from mainland China and Hong Kong.

My research field is public economics and governance and its intersections with experimental/behavioral economics, labor economics, development economics (China economy) and political economy. Currently I am especially interested in collective action and pro-social behavior (e.g., public goods, coordination, cooperation and trust), charity, redistribution, intergovernmental fiscal relationship, subjective wellbeing and public opinion (e.g., perceptions of inequality and fairness, preferences for redistribution) and how mass media and new media may affect it.

I aim to conduct high-quality research with both academic and policy importances and insights in my career. I look forward to discussing with peers and students on all related research topics.

In my leisure time, I enjoy swimming, playing badminton, traveling, photography and movie.


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