Anoop R. Menon is a doctoral candidate in the Strategy unit at Harvard Business School. His research interest is in exploring the role of cognition in strategy and strategic decision making. In his work, he attempts to incorporate more realistic assumptions about cognition, decision making and information processing into models of strategic interactions. In order to do this, he identifies and integrates findings from various disciplines including cognitive neuroscience, psychology, behavioral economics, and game theory.

He currently has two ongoing lines of research. The first of these focuses on the micro-foundations of strategic cognition, with a strong emphasis on individual cognition, and explores its implications for firm strategy. As part of this line of work, his job market paper explores how the prior performance of a firm can have predictable emotional influences on the firm’s strategic decision makers, which in turn affects the distance of their search and the options they choose. Empirical support is found for the predictions. His second line of research focuses on strategic interactions, exploring how actors think about and interpret the actions of other actors, and how cognitive limitations impact that process.

Anoop received his B.A. in Economics and Psychology from Amherst College where he graduated with top honors (with the highest academic standing in the graduating class). His undergraduate thesis attempted to integrate cognitive dissonance into rational choice theory, and explored some applications of the model to wage contracting and habit formation.