The Rise of Data Publishing (and how Dataverse 4 can help)


Crosas M. The Rise of Data Publishing (and how Dataverse 4 can help). Journal of Technology Science. Working Paper.


 The research community needs reliable, standard ways to make the data produced by scientific research available to the community, while getting credit as data authors. As a result, a new form of scholarly publication is emerging: data publishing. Data publishing - or making data long-term accessible, reusable and citable - is more involved than simply providing a link to a data file or posting the data to the researchers web site. In this paper, we define what is needed for proper data publishing and describe how the open-source Dataverse software helps define, enable and enhance data publishing for all.


This is the first draft under review. A revised copy of this paper will be available in November 2015.

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Last updated on 05/31/2016