Short Bio

Dr. Matthew Kraft is an Assistant Professor of Education at Brown University. His research and teaching interests include the economics of education, education policy analysis, and applied quantitative methods for causal inference. Specifically, he studies human capital policies in education with a focus on teacher effectiveness and organizational change in K-12 urban public schools.

Current Projects

Missed opportunities in the labor market or temporary disruptions? How late teacher hiring affects student achievement. (w/ J. Papay, J. Bloom, K. Buckley, and D. Liebowitz)

Promise and paradox: Measuring Non-cognitive traits of students and the impact of schooling (w/ M. West, C. Gabrieli, & A. Duckworth)

Teacher-to-Parent Communication: Experimental Evidence from a Low-Cost Communication Policy (w/ T. Rogers)

Teacher layoffs, teacher quality and student achievement: Evidence from a discretionary layoff policy.