Links to Articles About Contemporary Debates in Higher Education

Lately, I have been following debates on the state of higher education, particularly as it relates to the capacities opened by the online format.  Harvard and MIT have created edX, through which they are offering MOOCs (massive open online courses) to tens of thousands of participants.  As a scholar and teacher, I think the fullest discussion about the implications of these developments should take place.  To this end, I share here many of the articles (be sure to look at the online comments, too!) I have collected on the subject.  I don't do twitter, so this won't be as up to date as it would be if I did, but I'll try to update it now and again as the debate continues.  

Update as of 3/15/15:  I finally broke down and opened a Twitter account.  You can follow me @profmarylewis.

William Deresiewicz, "The Miseducation of America," Chronicle Review (4 July 2014)

Jill Lepore, "The Disruption Machine: What the Gospel of Innovation Gets Wrong," The New Yorker (read to end, where universities come up)

Scott Samuelson, "Why I teach Plato to Plumbers,"  The Atlantic Monthly 

Gary Gutting, "Why do I teach?"  New York Times Opinionator, 22 May 2014

The Erosion of Faculty Rights 

Jonathan Senchyne, "Disrupting the Higher Ed Content Cycle," Inside Higher Ed

Tamar Lewin, "After Setbacks, Online Courses are Rethought," New York Times (front page, above the fold)

Rebecca Schuman, "The King of MOOCs abdicates the throne," Slate

Hannah Winston, "'Flipping Classrooms May Not Make Much Difference," Chronicle of Higher Ed

Amna Hashmi and Cynthia Shih, "The Harvard Classroom, Digitized," Harvard Crimson

Scott Carlson, "Traditional Education Beats Online in Key Areas, Opinion Poll Finds," Chronicle of Higher Ed

Juvenile U Blog

Marc Parry, "A MOOC Star Defects, At Least for Now," Chronicle of Higher Ed

Sara Grossman, "For Internet Access, Rural Students Have to Hit the Road," Chronicle of Higher Ed

Doug Guthrie, "MOOCs are Toast or at Least Should Be," Forbes

Steve Kolowich, "The MOOC 'Revolution' May Not Be as Disruptive as Some Had Imagined," Chronicle of Higher Ed

Jonathan Rees, "The MOOC Racket," Slate

Steve Kolowich, "California puts MOOC Bill on Ice," Chronicle of Higher Ed 

Jonathan Rees, "Video Killed the Radio Star," More or Less Bunk Blog

Ry Rivard, "Beyond MOOC hype," Inside Higher Ed

Rob Jenkins, "Who is Driving the Online Locomotive?" Chronicle of Higher Ed

Will Oremus,"University Suspends Online Classes after More than Half the Students Fail,"

 Kell Fujimoto and Elizabeth Cara, "MOOC mashup: San Jose State University -- Udacity experiment with online-only courses fizzles," San Jose Mercury News

Steve Kolowich, "San Jose State University Puts MOOCs on Hold," Chronicle of Higher Ed

Steve Kolowich, "A University's Offer of Credit for a MOOC Gets No Takers," Chronicle of Higher Ed

Scott Newstok, "A Plea for 'Close Learning'," Inside Higher Ed

Robert J. Sternberg, "Giving Employers What They Don't Really Want," Chronicle of Higher Ed

Ry Rivard, "Beyond MOOC Hype," Inside Higher Ed

Sara Grossman, "Survey Finds Only Limited Public Awareness of MOOCs," Chronicle of Higher Ed

Thomas Leddy, "Are MOOCs Good for Students?," Boston Review

Melanie Fullick, "MOOCs, Access, and Privileged Assumptions," University Affairs/Affaires universitaires

Jill Rooney, "To Mooc or Not to Mooc, that is the Faculty Question," Online Colleges

Benjamin Ginsberg, "Forget MOOCs, let's use MOOA," Minding the Campus

Robert Zaretsky on College (Un)Bound, Los Angeles Review of Books

MOOCs and the Future of the Humanities: A Roundtable (Part 1), Los Angeles Review of Books

"Much Ado about Moocs," Boston Review

"Blood, MOOCs and Money," Irene Ogrizek blog

Michael Carley, "Where is Professor Ludd When You Need Him?,"  Paraffinalia blog

Peter Schmidt, "AAUP sees MOOCs as Spawning New Threats to Professors' Intellectual Property," Chronicle of Higher Ed

"Coursera Jumps the Shark"  Higher Ed Strategy

Scott Jashik, Harvard Professors Demand Greater Role in Oversight of edX," Inside Higher Ed

Ry Rivard, "State Systems Go MOOC," Inside Higher Ed. (The comment threads on this article are particularly interesting).

Open Letter to Daphne Koller (Coursera) from Bob Meister (UCSC)

Saint John Walker, "UK higher education: let's not follow the leader but develop our own vision," The Guardian

Steve Kolowich, "MOOC Professors Claim No Responsibility for How Courses Are Used," Chronicle of Higher Ed

Aaron Bady, "MOOC Moment and the End of Reform" The New Inquiry

Historiann blog

Nathan Heller, "Laptop U." The New Yorker

Hack Education Blog

Open Letter to Michael Sandel, Chronicle of Higher Ed

Response from Michael Sandel

Steve Kolowich, "Why Professors at San Jose State..." Chronicle of Higher Ed

Dan Berrett, "Debate over MOOCs reaches Harvard," Chronicle of Higher Ed

Steve Kolowich, "As MOOC Debate Simmers..." Chronicle of Higher Ed

Scott Jasuk, "Survey finds presidents are skeptical..." Chronicle of Higher Ed

"Daphne Koller and the Problem with Coursera" Irene Ogrizek blog

Kevin Bell, "The Hijacking of MOOCs," Inside Higher Ed

Ry Rivard, "Reins on Moonlighting" Chronicle of Higher Ed

James Vernon, "Open online courses – an avalanche that might just get stopped," The Guardian

Andrew Delbanco, "MOOCs of Hazard," New Republic

Sandra Korn, "EdX, the Great Equalizer," Harvard Crimson

Maria Bustillos, "Venture Capital's Massive, Terrible Idea for the Future of College," The Awl 

Marc Parry, "Scholars Sound the Alert," Chronicle of Higher Ed

Geoff Shullenberger, "The MOOC Revolution: A Sketchy Deal for Higher Education," Dissent

Zack Sullivan, "MOOC Madness," Minneapolis Post

Ted Fiske, "College Songs for A MOOC Era," Inside Higher Ed

Siva Vaidhyanathan, "Strategic Mumblespeak"

Lisa Martin and Barbara Walter, "Setting an online example in educating women," Los Angeles Times

Scott Jaschik, "MOOC Mess," Inside Higher Education

"Online Classes Cut Costs, But Do They Dilute Brands?" NPR transcript

Nicholas Carr, "The Crisis in Higher Education," Technology Review

Aaron Bady, "Questioning Clay Sharky," Inside Higher Ed