Dr. Nathan A. Paxton studies international relations, organizational decisionmaking, global public health, and political theory, and he is a member of the full-time faculty in American University's School of International Service.

His current research focuses on the effects that organizational learning and structure have upon the development of HIV/AIDS policy regimes, and the ways in which political processes like war and democratization affect the burden of disease. Dr. Paxton has served as a consultant to UNAIDS, the International AIDS Society, and the Social Science Research Council, and he has received research funding from the John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies, the "aids2031" project, the Rotary International Foundation, and Harvard and Cambridge universities. 

Dr. Paxton has also worked as a professional bicycle mechanic. He is owned by two dachshunds, Russell and Walter; follows the Boston Red Sox; and has recently joined a sports team (something he never thought he'd do).