I am a doctoral candidate in Management at Harvard Business School. I study power, conflict, and diversity in groups and teams. I use a variety of methods, including field (longitudinal inductive to surveys) and laboratory research. I am interested in how to improve collaboration in complex and diverse settings.

In my dissertation, Using multi-disciplinary teams to renegotiate power in hierarchical organizations, I explore the process by which information from lower-power team members contributes to changes in the team and organization’s hierarchy over time. In particular, I look at how team structures, conflict, and negotiation can impact a teams’ ability to engage with change.

I also have projects that focus on how to improve collaboration between people from diverse demographic or professional backgrounds. My lab studies test the factors that impact creativity and performance in cross-cultural groups. My field study looks at the processes and factors that help engage and integrate people from diverse professional roles so that they can successfully carry out change efforts.

Before entering the doctoral program at Harvard Business School, I was a Research Associate, assisting with research and cases on globally distributed teams. I have also worked as a consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton and as an intern at Insight Partners, a conflict management firm. I have taught undergraduates, MBAs, and executives at Harvard and abroad and have been awarded a Certificate of Distinction in Teaching from Harvard.

I graduated cum laude in Psychology from Harvard College where I was a student fellow at the Center for International Development and an intern at the Carr Center for Human Rights at the Kennedy School of Government. I also studied and worked in South Korea for a year on the Yenching fellowship.

I have a black belt in Taekwondo and enjoy participating in a Masters Swim Club.