Office Address:
Department of Government
1737 Cambridge Street
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Telephone: (617) 496-0919/495-9889


Pomfret School, Pomfret, Connecticut, 1957-1960
B.A., Haverford College, 1964
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1969


Haverford College: Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, Kurzman Prize in Political Science, Founder's Club.

Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, 1964-65.

National Defense Education Fellowship, foreign area training, 1965-66.

Foreign Area Fellowship, Africa Program, 1966-68: six months training in Bemba and social anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and in social anthropology at Manchester University, plus fifteen months field work in Zambia in preparation for doctoral dissertation; further award for nine months write-up period, 1968-69.

Grant, Social Science Research Council, 1970-71: twelve months support to compile district level data on development indicators in Zambia.

Grant, National Institutes of Health and Mellon Fund, Caltech, 1971-72: fourteen months research in Zambia.

Grant, Social Science Research Council, 1976-77: career development--twelve months work in economics at Stanford University.

Grant, National Science Foundation, 1978-80: research on the political economy of Africa.

Grant, Social Science Research Council, 1982: for field research in Kenya.

Fellowship, Haynes Foundation, May - August 1985.

Fellowship, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1985-86.

Fellow, Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences, 1985-86; 1993-1994.

Grant, National Science Foundation, 1989-95: to study the political economy of international trade.

Grant, National Science Foundation, 1997-98: to gather data on African political and economic reform.

Grant, Social Science Research Council and Ford Foundation, 1990: to compile a volume on Africa and the disciplines.

Fellowship, Bellagio Conference Center, Rockefeller Foundation, 1990; 2005

John M. Olin, Visiting Research Professor, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, January-July 1991.

Institutional Grants for Program in Political Economy: Henry R. Luce Foundation, Ford Foundation, Josiah Charles Trent Foundation, John M. Olin Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts.

Phillips Lecturer, Haverford College, 1992; 50th Anniversary, Distinguished Lecturer, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, 1999; Patten Lecture, University of Indiana, 2000; Inaugural Ralph Bunche Lecture, UCLA, 2001.

United States Institute for Peace, 1997-1999: To gather data on political violence in Africa.

Carnegie Corporation, Carnegie Scholar, 2001-2002.

Moore Distinguished Scholar, Caltech, 2004.

Written up in : 2002 Glenn Utter and Charles Lockhart, eds.
American Political Scientists (second edition) (Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group).


Intern, Department of State, International Organizations, United Nations, Political Affairs, Summer 1963

Legislative Assistant to Congressman William L. St. Onge (D., Conn.), Summer 1964

Research Assistant to Professor Lincoln Bloomfield, Department of Political Science, MIT, Summer 1966

Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for International Studies, MIT, May - July 1969

Visiting Fellow: Institute for Development Studies, University of Nairobi, 1983 - 1985; Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex 1985; Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, 1985-86 and 1993-94; the World Bank, 1998

Assistant Professor of Political Science, California Institute of Technology, 1969-1975; Associate Professor of Political Science, California Institute of technology, 1975 - 1979; Professor of Political Science, California Institute of Technology, 1979 -1985

Henry R. Luce Professor of Political Science and Economics, Duke University, 1985-1993

Director, Center in Political Economy, Duke University, 1985-1993

Professor of Government, Harvard University, 1993--; Eaton Professor of the Science of Government, 1995 --; Faculty Research Fellow, Center for International development, 1993--;

Visiting Scholar, Research Department, the World Bank. Resource Person, AERC, Nairobi, 1997--.

Professeur associe, School of Economics, University of Toulouse, 2000 –


1968-69: fifteen months research in the urban
communities of the copperbelt in Zambia,
studying the political party and the
mineworker's union
1971-72: fourteen months research in the rural areas
of Zambia, studying the politics and
economics of rural development programs in
village communities
1977: four weeks consultancy in the Sudan
1978: two months research in West and Eastern
1981: three months in Uganda and Kenya
1982: six weeks research in Uganda
1983-84: six months research in Kenya
1988: four weeks research in Zambia
1989: eight weeks research in Colombia
1990: five weeks research in Zambia
1991: eight weeks research in Colombia
1992: six weeks research in Colombia
1993: six weeks research in Brazil
2000: six weeks, Ghana and Tanzania
2001: six weeks, Rwanda and Kenya


Editorial Positions:

Series editor, with Samuel L. Popkin and James Coleman, California Series on Social Choice and Political Economy, 1982-1993; Member of the Board, International Political Economy Year Book, 1985-1987; Cambridge University Press, Series on Comparative Politics, 1996 --; Series on Institutions, 2004--; Cambridge Economic Survey of Africa, 1997--; Editorial Board, International Organizations, 1986 -1992; 1994 - 1998; Politics and Economics, 1988-1993; Journal of International Development, 1988 -; Canadian Journal of African Studies, 1989-1992: International Studies Quarterly, 1989 -; Journal of African Economies, 1991-; Política y Gobierno, 1994 -; The Journal of Policy Reform, 1994 - ; Journal of Chinese Political Science, 1995 -; Journal of Politics, 2007--; Journal of International Development, 2007--

Disciplinary Screening Committees:

Fulbright Senior Scholars Award Committee, 1983 - 1986; Political Science Panel, National Science Foundation, 1983 - 1985; Social Science Research Council, International Pre-dissertation Fellowship Program Committee, 1990 --; National Science Foundation, Oversight Committee, Political Science Program, 1990.


American Political Science Association: Gabriel A. Almond Award Committee (Chair), 1985-86; Program Committee, 1987; Member of the Council, 1986-1989; Vice President, 1989-1990; Program Committee, 1991; Executive Committees, Comparative Politics Section, Political Economy Section, 1990-92; Nominating Committee, 1991-93; President Elect, Comparative Politics Section, 1994-1995; President, Comparative Politics Section, 1995-1997.

African Studies Association: Member, Board of Directors, 1994-1996

Departmental Review Committees:

University of Minnesota, 1989; Yale University, 1990; Michigan State University, 1996; Columbia University 1996. ; University of Colorado, 2002; Africa Studies Center, UCLA, 2003

Member: College of Fellows, Institute for Development Anthropology; Board of Directors, Society in Economic Anthropology, 1985 - 1987 ; Board of Trustees, Vivian Webb School, 1983-84; Board of Governors, Vivian Webb School, 1984-88; American Academy of Arts and Sciences; American Political Science Association; Society for Economic Anthropology; Public Choice Society; African Studies Association; Political Stability Task Force, 2000-

Consultant: USAID, World Bank, Department of State, CEPAL, State Failure Task Force

Other: External Examiner, Swarthmore College, 1991, Haverford College, 1992; Member, Panel on Institutions, National Academy of Sciences, 1986; Committee on Programs and Policy, Social Science Research Council, 1991-; Steering Committee, SSRC-Ford Foundation, International Pre-Dissertation Fellowship Committee, 1990-; Board and Policy and Program Committee, Social Science Research Council, 1992 -- 1997; Executive Committee, Social Science Research Council, 1994- 1996 and Treasurer, 1995-1996; Member, United States Government, State Failure Task Force 1998-; World Bank, Project Steering Committee, World Development Report, 1998-1999; Terrorism Panel of the APSA, 2004-;


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