Dr. Neel Shah, MD, MPP is a member of the Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians (HMFP) practice and the Division of Quality, Safety, and Performance Improvement in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC). He is also a faculty investigator at the Ariadne Labs for Health Systems Innovation at the Harvard School of Public Health. His research aims to improve childbirth practices and demonstrate how system complexity imposes upon clinical decisions.

In addition, he serves as an editor at JAMA Internal Medicine for the “Less is More: Teachable Moments” series and is a co-author of the forthcoming textbook from McGraw-Hill, Understanding Value-Based Care. In 2009 he founded Costs of Care, a nationally recognized nonprofit that helps caregivers deflate medical bills.

Dr. Shah completed residency at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, and received joint degrees in medicine and public policy from Brown University and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He has been listed among the "40 smartest people in health care" by the Becker's Hospital Review, and profiled in the New York Times, the New England Journal of Medicine, and other outlets.