Hi, I'm Tami Lieberman. I recently graduated from the Systems Biology PhD program at Harvard University.

In the Kishony lab, I study how bacteria evolve within our human bodies during infections of individual people. I also study the evolution of antibiotic resistance more broadly. I am deeply interested in the 100 trillion bacteria that live inside each of us (our microbiomes) and how these bacteria organize into communities. Foundational to understanding human microbiomes will be an assumed model of how single species evolve within the human host.

I earned a B.A. in Molecular Biology & Genetics from Northwestern University with a minor in Mathematics. While at NU, I worked in the laboratory of the late Jon Widom, who is deeply missed. 

My apologies for the simplicity of this professional homepage.
For search purposes, my full name is Tami Danielle Lieberman or Tami D. Lieberman.

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Email: tami UNDERSCORE lieberman AT hms DOT harvard DOT edu  <--- note the change