Working Papers

Keeping Your Story Straight: Truthtelling and Liespotting (with Johannes Hörner and Nicolas Vieille)

Static versus Dynamic Informational Robustness in Intertemporal Pricing (with Jonathan Libgober) 

Paying (for) Attention: The Impact of Information Processing Costs on Bayesian Inference (with Scott D. Kominers and Alex Peysakhovich)

Optimal Learning from Multiple Information Sources (with Annie Liang and Vasilis Syrgkanis) 

Amendment Voting with Incomplete Preferences

Ranking of Experiments and Mutual Information Measure (in preparation) 



Refereed Publications

Mu X. (2015). Log-concavity of a Mixture of Beta Distributions. Statistics and Probability Letters 99, 125-130

He K. and Mu X. (2014). Differentially Private and Incentive Compatible Recommendation System for the Adoption of Network GoodsEC '14, Proceedings of the fifteenth ACM conference on Economics and computation.