I am a joint Giorgio Ruffolo Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the Sustainability Science Program and the Energy Technology Innovation Policy project, a joint project of the Science Technology and Public Policy Program and the Environment and Natural Resources Program at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs of Harvard Kennedy School.

My research focuses on energy sustainability in China. Specifically, my work quantifies  carbon emission and explores options for a low-carbon pathway for China’s sustainable development.

I hold Ph.D. in Ecology from prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences (2013, graduated with highest honor) and was the visiting student of the University of Cambridge (2012). I have authored about 20 academic publications in Nature, Nature Climate Change, PNAS and other professional journals(See my Google citation page)

I will do my every effort to contribute to a better future of the world. The exploration of sustainability science has been and continues to be a big job, and I welcome you to join us!

PhD and Post-doc opportunity:

I offer PhDs and Postdocs study opportunities by cooperating with world top universities including Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, University of East Anglia and University of Cambridge.

PhD and Postdoc applicants please contact me by email (with CV and research interests), we provide fellowship for study in China and UK, self-funded applicants (such as CSC scholarship) are  encouraged. 

New research papers:

Environmental Research Letters: Social economic drivers of China's PM 2.5 emissions

Environmental Science & Technology: Decoupling China's environmental pressure