The following papers are under review and not yet accepted for publication.

H.F.J. Tregidgo, S. Soskic, J. Althonayan, C. Maffei, K. Van Leemput, P. Golland, A. Yendiki, D.C Alexander, M. Bocchetta, J.D. Rohrer, J.E. Iglesias, Accurate Bayesian segmentation of thalamic nuclei using diffusion MRI and an improved histological atlas, bioRxiv 2022.09.28.508731 [Preprint]. Available from:

V. Sundaresan, J. Lehman, S. Fitzgibbon, S. Jbabdi, S.N. Haber, A. Yendiki, Constrained self-supervised method with temporal ensembling for fiber bundle detection on anatomic tracing data, arXiv 2208.03569 [Preprint]. Available from:

S.N. Haber, J. Lehman, C. Maffei, A. Yendiki, The rostral zona incerta: a subcortical integrative hub and potential DBS target for OCD, bioRxiv 2022.07.08.499393 [Preprint]. Available from: