Formal power series for asymptotically hyperbolic Bach-flat metrics


Alaee, A. & Woolgar, E. Formal power series for asymptotically hyperbolic Bach-flat metrics. To appear in Letters in Mathematical Physics (Forthcoming).


It has been observed by Maldacena that one can extract asymptotically anti-de Sitter Einstein 4-metrics from Bach-flat spacetimes by imposing simple principles and data choices. We cast this problem in a conformally compact Riemannian setting. Following an approach pioneered by Fefferman and Graham for the Einstein equation, we find formal power series for conformally compactifiable, asymptotically hyperbolic Bach-flat 4-metrics expanded about conformal infinity. We also consider Bach-flat metrics in the special case of constant scalar curvature and in the special case of constant Q-curvature. This allows us to determine the free data at conformal infinity, and to select those choices that lead to Einstein metrics. Interestingly, the mass is part of that free data, in contrast to the pure Einstein case. We then choose a convenient generalization of the Bach tensor to (bulk) dimensions n>4 and consider the higher dimensional problem. We find that the free data for the expansions split into low-order and high-order pairs. The former pair consists of the metric on the conformal boundary and its first radial derivative, while the latter pair consists of the radial derivatives of order n−2 and n−1. Higher dimensional generalizations of the Bach tensor lack some of the geometrical meaning of the 4-dimensional case. This is reflected in the relative complexity of the higher dimensional problem, but we are able to obtain a relatively complete result if conformal infinity is not scalar flat.

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