About GSANES 2020

Engaging with Empires

Hosted by Department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations at Harvard University
Organized by Andrew Deloucas with the support of Harvard University’s Provostial Fund
for the Arts and Humanities


March 6 - 7, 2020

The topic of this symposium seeks to engage with contemporary study of empire in the ancient Near East. Demarcation and terminology at current remains fuzzy in the study of Empire in the ancient Near East, wherein topics of power, space, body, and economy, which lay the forefront of majority historiography, analysis, and model, often fail to be recognized within larger socio-political frameworks and systems. How we should understand the concept of empire, how may empire have understood itself, and how we can wrestle with our material outside, and within, its grasp through primary and secondary material is the goal of this year’s assembly.


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