Thank you for visiting my website and joining me for a tour of my research on The Human Microbiome & Microbial Systems Biology.

I am a NIH K99/R00 Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University. I apply concepts of Physics and Molecular Biology to study the dynamics of Microbial Systems. Some questions that I try to address with my research are: (i)  How  does collective motion of microbes from the human microbiome shape the spatial organization of a microbial community and (ii)  How molecular motors drive mobile cell-surface adhesins on single cells.  Please visit the Research section for a detailed description. While I perform most of my research at the lab of Howard C. Berg at the BioLabs building on the Harvard main campus,  I also perform experiments at the Forsyth Institute and at the Rowland Insitute at Harvard.

Spatial organization of human microbiome being shaped by a swarm