Selected Publications


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  4. The screw-like motion of a gliding bacterium is powered by spiral motion of cell- surface adhesins. 
Shrivastava A*, Roland T and Berg H. C*. Biophysical Journal, 2016; 111, 1008-1003. *Corresponding author. Featured on the cover of 9/6/16 issue.

  5. The flagellar motor of Caulobacter crescentus generates more torque when a cell swims backward. 
Lele P. P., Roland T., Shrivastava A, Chen Y and Berg H. C. Nature Physics. 2016; 12, 175-178. 

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  10. Flavobacterium johnsoniae RemA is a mobile cell surface lectin involved in gliding.
Shrivastava A, Rhodes R. G., Nakane D, Pochiraju S and McBride M. J., Journal of Bacteriology, 2012; 194(14):3678-88.

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