Degree Phrase Raising in Relative Clauses


Szczegielniak, Adam. 2012. “Degree Phrase Raising in Relative Clauses.” Information Structure and Agreement, edited by Camacho Taboada, Jiménez Fernández, Martín González, and Reyes Tejedor, 255-274. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Copy at
Degree amount Relative clauses Szczegielniak


The paper proposes that degree/amount relative clauses are derived via overt Degree Phrase raising out of the CP. I show that there exist two distinct types of degree relative clauses whose properties can be deduced from the differences between the two types of DegP argued to be present in the grammar by Neelman, van de Koot & Doetjes (2004). This raises the possibility that syntactic and semantic variation between classes of relative constructions can be reduced to the type of lexical item that is raised out of the CP.

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Series: Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today 197
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