Adam Szczegielniak




My research focuses on how the human language faculty is encoded in the mind. I focus on the interaction between syntactic structure and semantic and morphological  interfaces. My research in the field of theoretical linguistics examines ellipsis, nominal modification, as well as the formal properties of the underlying computational architecture responsible for language. In addition to work on formal linguistics, I also lectured and participated in research projects in Cognitive Science and Psycholinguistics at Harvard and MIT on Aphasia, especially Agrammatic Disorders, Sentence Processing and Language Acquisition. 
Currently, I am a Collaborator on a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada's Insight Grant entitled "Grammatical vs semantic features: the semantics-morphology mapping, and its consequences for syntax.", PI, Ivona Kučerová, McMaster University. I investigate the formal properties of the nominal system in various languages including: English, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Czech, Italian, German.

Background & Experience. I received training in linguistics, cognitive psychology as well as analytical philosophy from the following institutions: Harvard University (PhD) & MIT (via cross-registration),  Clare College, Cambridge University (Master of Philosophy), Warsaw University, Poland (BA/MA in English). I have held teaching and research positions at: Rutgers University (Visiting Professor, Adjunct Professor), Harvard University (Lecturer, Research Associate), Boston College (Visiting Lecturer), Michigan State University (Visiting Professor), University of Nova Gorica (Professor), Warsaw University (Assistant Professor, Primary Investigator, ERC Marie Curie 7th Framework IR European Research Council Grant, Grant Number 224943, 2008-2011.

PhD Harvard University, Cambridge MA, USA.  (Whiting Scholar)
Thesis title: Relativization that you did...
Advisors: Noam Chomsky and David Pesetsky (MIT)
Comittee: Cedric Boeckx (Harvard), Jay Jasanoff (Harvard)

Master of Philosophy, Cambridge University, Clare College, Cambridge, UK. (Soros/Batory Foundation Scholar)
Advisor: Professor Peter Matthews

BA/MA, Warsaw University, Poland.