Research Bio

Adam Szczegielniak



  • Information structure encoding in grammar:
    • Phase based encoding of old and new discourse information.
    • Information structure and syntactic licensing of ellipsis.
  • Morphosyntax of agreement:
    • Discourse and nominal gender agreement
    • Past tense clitic person/number/gender agreement clitics.
  • Phonological Form and information structure
    • Clitics as focus markers
    • Multi remnant ellipsis and phonological linearization
  • Relative clauses:
    • Head noun raising vs matching derivations of restrictive relative clauses.
    • The syntax and semantics of degree and amount relative clauses. 
  • Phrase structure:
    • The interaction between semantic types and syntactic labels.
    • Phases and phase extension algorithms.

I investigate linguistic structures in various languages including: English, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Czech, Italian, German. My research focus is theoretical linguistics - my current research concentrates on the licensing of multiple remnant ellipsis, and nominal gender agreement (in collaboration with Ivona Kučerová). This being said, as a graduate student I lectured and participated in research projects at Harvard and MIT on Aphasia, especially Agrammatic Disorders, Sentence Processing and Language Acquisition. 

Background & Experience. I received training in linguistics, cognitive psychology as well as analytical philosophy from the following institutions: Harvard University (PhD) & MIT (via cross-registration),  Clare College at Cambridge University (Master of Philosophy), Warsaw University, Poland (BA/MA in English).
I have taught classes in linguistics and psychology of language at: Rutgers University (Visiting Professor), Harvard University (Lecturer), Boston College (Visiting Lecturer), Michigan State University (Visiting Professor), Warsaw University (Assistant Professor, Primary Investigator, ERC Marie Curie IR Grant).