Adam Szczegielniak



  • Information structure encoding in grammar:
    • Phase based encoding of old and new discourse information.
    • Information structure and syntactic licensing of ellipsis.
  • Morphosyntax of agreement:
    • Discourse and nominal gender agreement
    • Past tense clitic person/number/gender agreement clitics.
  • Phonological Form and information structure
    • Clitics as focus markers
    • Multi remnant ellipsis and phonological linearization
  • Relative clauses:
    • Head noun raising vs matching derivations of restrictive relative clauses.
    • The syntax and semantics of degree and amount relative clauses. 
  • Phrase structure:
    • The interaction between semantic types and syntactic labels.
    • Phases and phase extension algorithms.

I investigate linguistic structures in various languages including: English, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Czech, Italian, German. My research focus is theoretical linguistics - my current research concentrates on the licensing of multiple remnant ellipsis, relative clause structure, and nominal gender agreement (in collaboration with Ivona Kučerová). In the past, I have lectured and participated in research projects at Harvard and MIT on Aphasia, especially Agrammatic Disorders, Sentence Processing and Language Acquisition. 

Background & Experience. I received training in linguistics, cognitive psychology as well as analytical philosophy from the following institutions: Harvard University (PhD) & MIT (via cross-registration),  Clare College at Cambridge University (Master of Philosophy), Warsaw University, Poland (BA/MA in English).
I have taught classes in linguistics and psychology of language at: Rutgers University (Visiting Professor), Harvard University (Lecturer), Boston College (Visiting Lecturer), Michigan State University (Visiting Professor), Univeristy of Nova Gorica (Visiting Professor), Warsaw University (Assistant Professor, Primary Investigator, ERC Marie Curie IR Grant).

PhD Harvard University.
Thesis title: Relativization that you did...

Advisors: Noam Chomsky and David Pesetsky (MIT)
Cedric Boeckx (Harvard)
Jay Jasanoff (Harvard)