• Xie Gaohua

    Interviewing Pioneering Economic Reformer, Xie Gaohua

  • Hosting Chinese Admiral Wu Shengli

    Hosting Chinese Admiral Wu Shengli

  • Filming End of Bitterness

    Filming the Ethnographic Documentary, End of Bitterness

  • Rural Northwest China

    Doing Fieldwork in Rural Northwest China

Adam Frost is a PhD student at Harvard University who works on the history of business and entrepreneurship in modern China. His dissertation, “Speculators and Profiteers: Capitalism and Entrepreneurship in Socialist China (1957-1980),” explores the origins of China’s economic transformation, and seeks to demonstrate empirically that the market transition was the product of a bottom-up entrepreneurial processes decades in the making. Adam received his BA and MA from Harvard University and was a visiting scholar at Fudan University. His research has been supported by grants from the Institution of International Education (Fulbright), the Social Science Research Council, the US Department of Education (FLAS Grant),  Harvard Business School, Harvard’s Fairbank and Asia Centers, the Institute of Humane Studies, and the Mercatus Institute at George Mason. In addition to conducting traditional archival research, Adam also draws heavily upon ethnography, oral history, and informal documentary materials. Recently he completed a documentary on the everyday lives of beggars in Northwest China entitled, The End of Bitterness.