Surgical Innovation Fellowship (SIF)

Program Description

The Surgical Innovation Fellowship (SIF) is a two-year program at Boston Children’s Hospital that exposes surgical residents to all aspects of healthcare innovation. The Department of Surgery in collaboration with the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator and the Simulator Program (SIMPeds) have developed an innovation journey that is supported by a network of advisors that provide fellows with the knowledge and mentorship they need to take an idea from the drawing board to the bedside. During the two year program, the fellow will experience the entire device and software innovation pathway including hands on experience in market analysis, design, prototype engineering, product management, customer discovery, sales, patent and regulatory filing, etc. In addition to the surgical innovation projects, the fellow will gain experience in clinical and scientific research and will remain clinically active within the Department of Surgery, taking in house call and participating in didactic activities related to Pediatric Surgery and Transplantation.


To create future surgical innovators within an interdisciplinary environment that combines clinical experiences with a unique hospital based innovation platform.


To be the premier destination for surgeons who wish to become “bridgetenders” between healthcare challenges and the delivery of innovative solutions back to the bedside.

SIF team 2018