My path to this point has traversed a variety of fields and encountered seemingly unrelated opportunities, but every experience has contributed to my outlook in some way. I completed a B.A. in Applied and Computational Mathematics and a B.A. in Linguistics from the University of Southern California. Fight on! During undergrad, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, improving my Italian, reconnecting with my roots, and interning at a chocolate shop. I stayed beyond my semester abroad to do an archaeological dig uncovering an Etruscan artisan's workshop in Tuscany.

After graduation, I bought a one-way ticket to Europe and traveled then worked as an au pair for three young Italian boys and lived by myself on the family's sail boat. After returning home and while deciding how to apply my undergraduate degrees, I worked as a business analyst and dissected a cadaver on my lunch breaks as a lab assistant in a high school class. I then had the opportunity to do a Master of Science in Cognitive and Decision Sciences at University College London, where I also became involved in their Department of Security and Crime Science. My master's dissertation combined script theory and causal Bayesian networks to create a formalized crime script for cash-in-transit robbery. I tried to become a crime analyst but ran into road blocks in both the U.K. and U.S. so started looking in other directions.

My decision to pursue a Ph.D. in Linguistics brought me full circle, back to linguistics while incorporating mathematics, cognitive science, computer science, and forensics. While at Harvard, I worked on projects in theoretical computational linguistics and forensic linguistics with the help of my sidekick French bulldog, Hercules. My dissertation created the first analysis of reciprocals in the formalism of synchronous tree adjoining grammar (STAG) and unified it with a parallel analysis of reflexives. After graduation, I worked at a start up, Point, that autcompletes phrases and sentences as you type in your own style, specifically with an application to email.  Unfortunately due to external circumstances, we had to shut down Point at the beginning of 2020. Instead of immediately starting a new long-term job, I have decided to refresh by traveling and trying out some completely different forms of work (e.g. sailing deckhand, WWOOFing, bartending).

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