I am a physicist-turned-complex-system-scientist-turned-engineer-turned-actuarial-analyst-turned-applied-mathematician-turned-consultant. My scientific pursuit has been in understanding collective systems, from how avalanches of activity spread in sandpiles to how the world economy develops. My philosophy is that of Wittgenstein (II) for how to think about life and its madening mysteries (why is there is something rather than nothing??????), mixed with a bit of stoicism for how to live life through its mysteries. 

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Brief explanation of what I do as a researcher at Harvard, following the challenge at http://splasho.com/upgoer5/ about explaining what I do using only the Ten Hundred most used words:

My work is about what happens when people come together. They work, study, talk, play with each other and build things. They also get sick, break things, and sometimes fight with each other. How many people do each of  these? How do they know how to do them? Why do some places have more people doing stuff than others? Why does the stuff that people do change from group to group?

I believe there is order behind what people do and where people choose to do it. That order, I believe, can be understood. Understanding that order can lead one to see what people can do in new situations. At the end, I believe one can use this understanding to make the world a better place. I study these questions using numbers and computers.