The 2020 Prediction Project Radcliffe Research Team

Presentation Date: 

Friday, October 2, 2020



Presentation Slides: 

Keynote slide image excerpted from presentationThese slides were used by Alyssa Goodman, London Vallery, Elliott Hyman, Simon Levien, and Immaculata De Vivo to showcase the work they did together as a "Radcliffe Research Team" on the Prediction Project over the summer of 2020.  The team's plans for continuing their work together (on the Prediction Project website, social media feeds, the Path-To project, LabXchange, and Radcliffe Science Symposia (e.g. The Undiscovered)) were also discussed. 

An interactive version of the slides is embedded below, and archival versions in native (Apple Keynote) and PDF formats are available on Dataverse.

Reference with doi for this work:  "The 2020 Prediction Project Radcliffe Research Team",, Harvard Dataverse, V1.

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