Artificial Intelligence & Health (Introduction)

Presentation Date: 

Thursday, April 1, 2021


Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study (Zoom)
Ai Conference Graphic Radcliffe 2021Virtual Symposium: AI and the Future of Health, presented and moderated by Alyssa Goodman


Artificial Intelligence (AI) can enhance scientists’ ability to make discoveries. Across the life sciences, AI algorithms are being developed and deployed to speed our path to better health. This special Radcliffe science event will focus on how AI can accelerate research and development in general and drug discovery in particular. The health AI experts Regina Barzilay and Casandra Mangroo will each speak about their innovative work and then join Radcliffe’s Alyssa Goodman in a conversation on AI’s promise—and potential pitfalls—as we look toward the future of human health. 

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