Beyond-the-Book-Thinking in Modern (STEM) Education

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Friday, April 12, 2019


Harvard Graduate School of Education

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In teaching, I have found that introducing students to new concepts using new media, usually in conjunction with “old media” is an effective way to increase engagement, learning, and, perhaps most importantly, curiosity. In this talk, I will draw from a variety of examples to demonstrate how intermingling technology, video, live events, and hands-on experiences has effected outcomes in my teaching. In particular, I will discuss projects related to: WorldWide Telescope (including the “WorldWide Telescope Ambassadors” STEM outreach program); the Prediction Project which includes the edX course called PredictionX; the Take-a-Sweater app used to teach uncertainty; The Path to Newton interactive history of what Newton needed to make his theory of gravity; and The Undiscovered a conference held at Radcliffe to start a public conversation about how science is unlike the scientific method taught in schools. I am hoping to minimize use of slides, and maximize demonstrations and conversation—so audience participation will be welcome!

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Reference with doi for this work:  Goodman, Alyssa, 2020, "Beyond-the-Book-Thinking in Modern (STEM) Education",, Harvard Dataverse, V1