Calypso to Calypso (Preview) and Mapping the Milky Way

Presentation Date: 

Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Winthrop House, Harvard University

CalypsoThis was an unscripted presentation/discussion, using the short Google Slides presentation embedded below, about Alyssa Goodman's Milky Way work and career, given to students as part of the "PRISE Distinguished Speaker Series" for 2019.  It offered a preview of the "Calypso to Calypso" career retropecive  given to Harvard Alumni at the Harvard Club of Boston in the Fall of 2019, as well as a glimpse of Goodman's research on the Milky Way's structure, based on her talk to Barnstable High School "Astro-Junkies" in March of 2019.   The Calypso-to-Calypso "final" slides (from the Harvard Club presentation) are available at this talk listing, and the full Barnstable slide set is available here