Climbing the Cosmic Distance Ladder "in" a WorldWide Telescope

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Cambridge, MA

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Alyssa at Plate, with A. Coltekin

Presented, with Prof. João Alves, as part of:
Stairway to Heaven: Henrietta Leavitt and the Cosmic Distance Ladder
A talk in the MEASURE GALLERY SERIES, held in the Johnson-Kulukundis Family Gallery of Byerly Hall at Radcliffe, Harvard students, faculty, and staff members from across the disciplinary spectrum came to see and respond to Anna Von Mertens’s work, which itself captures the work of the early "computers" at Harvard, most notably for Mertens, Henrietta Leavitt--discoverer of the "Leavitt Law," relating the period and luminosity of Cepheid variable stars.

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Reference with doi for this work:  Goodman, Alyssa, 2020, "Climbing the Cosmic Distance Ladder "in" a WorldWide Telescope",, Harvard Dataverse, V1