Cosmic Data Stories

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Thursday, November 12, 2020



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Cosmic Data Story Sample Graphic

We provide a flowchart showing how a sample CosmicDS (“from Edwin Hubble to the Hubble Space Telescope”) will work, and a preview of a single interactive element from that chart, online now via The interactive lets users click on each point representing a Galaxy in Hubble’s original “Hubble Diagram,” to see a Hubble Space Telescope image of that galaxy in WorldWide TelescopePresenters: PI: Alyssa Goodman, Science PI: Pat Udomprasert, Co-PI: Mary Dussault, Evaluator: Susan Sunbury.  

A web-based version of the Keynote file can be played at this link.  Make sure to keep clicking or hitting return to advance the animations & slides.

Dataverse link to all materials, including Keynote slides

Reference with doi for this work: Goodman, Alyssa, 2020, "Cosmic Data Stories",, Harvard Dataverse, V1