The Future of Data in Science (*postponed*)

Presentation Date: 

Monday, March 4, 2019


WiDS, Microsoft New England, Cambridge, MA

Seamless Astronomy LogoOnce upon a time, I was an astrophysicist.  Then, about fifteen years ago, I started using medical imaging tools on high-dimensional astronomical data sets, and caring more than was normal about sharing and re-using data and software, and making online documents richer, and I became something for which there was no name.   Today, I get called a “Data Scientist.”  What I really am is a scientist who worries more about the nature and utility of data than some of my peers.   I especially worry about how to best “see” data in innovative visualizations, and how to share combine, and repurpose data and presentations of it (including as journal articles) most efficiently and effectively.  In this talk, I will present a vision for the future of scholarly communication based on my work helping create “Seamless Astronomy” research environments that include highly interactive “papers” of the future. And,  I will muse about how the same new, modular and repurpose-able technologies used in research are changing the future of education as well.  For reference, key current examples I will touch upon are: the “Paper of the Future” on Authorea;  the glue visualization environment; the WorldWide Telescope Universe Information system; “10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Visualization”; and PredictionX.


Due to a giant SNOWSTORM in Boston on 3-4 March 2019, this talk was not delivered at WiDS 2019.  Hopefully, it will reappear for WiDS 2020.