The New Universe (CASW Patrusky Lecture)

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Sunday, October 23, 2022


Memphis, TN

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From the event website:
"In her talk, “The New Universe,” Goodman will look forward to the potentially surprising discoveries that will emerge as astrophysics is reorganized around remarkable new methods that harness the power of visualization, computer simulation, large-scale collaboration, and powerful instruments such as the new James Webb Space Telescope and the European Space Agency’s Gaia mapping project. In January, for example, Goodman was part of a collaboration that used Gaia data in concert with powerful new data science and visualization techniques to discover that every star-forming gas cloud in the Sun’s neighborhood of the Milky Way lies on the surface of a giant evacuated cavity called “The Local Bubble.”

“This year, as we’re awed and inspired by images from the newest space telescope, CASW is thrilled to have as our Patrusky Lecturer a scientist who will show us how new telescopes and technologies may reshape our understanding of the universe,” said CASW President Robin Lloyd. “Alyssa Goodman has created remarkable visualization tools that help scientists across several fields wrestle with complex, multidimensional data sets, and her work with the WorldWide Telescope has made astronomical knowledge accessible to audiences around the world. Science writers can look forward to an exciting trip through space and time and a glimpse of the future of science.”"

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