A Peek at 
How We See the 
Universe with glue

Presentation Date: 

Monday, June 7, 2021


238th meeting of the American Astronomical Society (on zoom)

Presentation Slides: 

glue intro slideA short overview by Alyssa Goodman of how the glue data exploration and visualization software works as a "Science Platform." An "iCloud" version of the slides is online here, and a PDF is downloadable on this page.  Note that links (e.g. to other software packages mentioned) are live in the PDF
About the event (from the AAS):

Astronomical Data Visualization in the Age of Science Platforms

Astronomy is on the cusp of a major transition: simulations and modern surveys like LSST are starting to generate datasets far too large for individual researchers to download and analyze. Instead, researchers will need to bring their analysis to the data. This necessity has led virtually all major astronomical data centers to plan “science platforms” for remote research, generally centered on the web-based JupyterLab environment. This transition has enormous implications for the basic act of “looking at the data”. The classic astronomical data visualization tools are graphical applications that operate on local datasets. The age of the science platform demands tools built for a completely different paradigm: web-native applications that can provide a smooth user experience even while the actual data are stored in a distant archive. While the shift to this new paradigm presents a great deal of opportunity ­— the modern web is an extremely sophisticated development platform — it is also highly disruptive. What is the “state of the art” in web-native astronomical data visualization tools? What are the most important unmet dataviz needs of the new science platforms? Which researcher workflows can be preserved and which must be reworked? This splinter meeting will gather survey scientists, science platform engineers, and visualization tool builders to answer questions such as these. Time will be reserved at the end for participants to synthesize what they’ve learned into a report assessing the community’s needs and envisioning a roadmap for future work.

The Network of Tools (including glue) shown in A. Goodman's AAS talk2.44 MB