PredictionX: A Look at the Future (of Online Learning?)

Presentation Date: 

Thursday, June 8, 2017


Harvard University IT Summit, Cambridge, MA

PredictionX Title PageHarvard University IT Summit, PredictionX: A Look at the Future (of Online Learning?) (key, 559 MB), (pdf, 103 MB)

Twenty-five faculty from across Harvard’s schools are working with each other, as well as with a handful of outside experts, to create an extensive collection of online resources (interview-style and demonstration videos, text, interactive visualizations, and computer simulations) focused on “The Past and Present of the Future,” known as PredictionX. All of the included material is modular, in that learners or teachers can pick and choose which elements to include in either online or in-person learning experiences. Several interactive technologies are being used in PredictionX, including map-related tools, WorldWide Telescope, and a new timeline tool. Prototyping the timeline tool is part of a Harvard-based collaboration’s work toward establishing a new open standard for time-tagged information. This Summit session on PredictionX will offer attendees an example of how faculty and HarvardX staff can help develop, and edX can host, modular, re-purposable, materials beyond a “MOOC.”