"Seeing More of the Universe" (a series of 9 short videos on YouTube)

Presentation Date: 

Wednesday, February 10, 2021


on zoom

YouTube splash screenThe Seeing More of the Universe" series of videos on YouTube, was created by Alyssa Goodman for the Data Science Fellowship Program of the Vera Rubin Observatory, in 2021.

The episodes in the Seeing More of the Universe playlist are listed below, in a suggested viewing order, but please note that episodes should also be useful on their own.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Road from Exploration to Explanation, and Back...
  3. Ten Questions to Ask When Creating a Visualization
  4. Connecting Data, Language and Pictures
  5. Data, Dimensions, Display
  6. Big Data vs. Wide Data
  7.  Linked Views in glue; (7a) BONUS: 5 steps to a discovery, in glue
  8. The Wise Words of Edward Tufte

Handy links:

The student assignment that accompanied these videos is online here, and a PDF version of it is attached, with some supplementary files, below.  

glue_airplanes_tutorial.pdf2.86 MB
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assignment_from_alyssa_goodman_for_rubin_dsfp_2021.pdf43 KB