Data Science

Galactic Visualization Revelations, at Nörrkoping, Sweden (Remote), Friday, June 3, 2022:

A presentation given remotely at the Astrovisualization Symposium held by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Nörrkoping, Sweden. The talk covers how 3D dust mapping, and complementary techniques, are revealing a wealth of previously-unknown structures and phenomena associated with the “New” Milky Way.  The features observed are literally “new,” in that they are caused by relatively short-timescale phenomena such as feedback from star formation, interactions of massive extragalactic objects with the Milky Way, and other as-yet unidentified phenomena. The specific results I present include: discoveries of The Radcliffe Wave and the Perseus-Taurus Superbubble; 1-pc-resolution 3D maps of individual molecular clouds;  unraveling the origins of Barnard’s Loop in Orion; and the “Star Formation Frontier” at the surface of The Local Bubble.

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A Peek at How We See the Universe with Glue, at Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, MA, Tuesday, June 28, 2022:

A presentation for students of the REU program at Harvard about the state of partnerships between astronomical, physical, and computational approaches to gleaning insight from combinations of scientific and information visualization in Astrophysics. In particular, I discuss how the “glue” linked-view visualization environment (, developed originally to facilitate high-dimensional data exploration in Astronomy and Medicine, can be extended to many other fields of data-driven inquiry. Other topics include current open-source, plug & play, approach to software facilitates the combination of powerful programs and projects such as glue, WorldWide Telescope, ESASky, and the Zooniverse Citizen Science platform.

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The Local Milky Way, in 3D, at Institut Pascal, Paris, France, Wednesday, July 20, 2022:

A talk at the 2022 Interstellar Institue on why 2D <--> 3D transformations, and paying attention to the dimensionality of data and display modes for it is so important in understanding the nature of the local interstellar medium. Plus, a sneak preview of the magnetic field of the Local Bubble, by way of an example of these visualization concepts. 

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Your PRISE Universe, 2021, at Harvard University, Tuesday, August 3, 2021:

 A discussion of visualization, glue, glupyter, the Path to Newton, and the Prediction Project, with the Harvard PRISE (Program for Research in Science and Engineering) students, summer 2021 (AKA "Distinguished Speaker Lecture")

Chilloquium, at (Online only), Tuesday, May 4, 2021:
A discussion with Harvard's Society of Physics Students (unscripted). The small number of slides that were used to guide the discussion are posted here to make the links  embedded in them available. 
Male student standing in Harvard Yard, trying to navigate using limited instructions

Students Navigate Harvard Yard to Understand the History of Prediction - and Uncertainty

April 1, 2021

Harvard Yard becomes an outdoor classroom for Professor Alyssa Goodman's Spring 2021 GenEd Prediction  class, as 14 pairs of students try to navigate to a designated location using limited information and their own tuition - then make predictions about their own success by reporting their "estimated uncertainty". 

How did they do?    ...

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