Talks 2008

2008 Location Forum Title
December 2008 Heidelberg, Germany  EMBL Forum Lectures Seeing Science (Zipped keynote files), (pdf)
November 2008 Berkeley, CA Radio Astronomy Laboratory 50th anniversary Seeing The Galactic ISM and Molecular Clouds (Zipped keynote files), (pdf)
August 2008 Ringberg, Germany EPoS 2008 Ready to Eat? What Early Taste Tests Say about Modern Simulations of Star Formation (Zipped keynote files), (pdf)
July 2008 Leeds, UK University of Leeds, School of Physics and Astronomy Tasting Models of Star Formation (Zipped keynote files, 126 M), (movie, 92.2 M)
July 2008 Ascona, Switzerland Origin and Evolution of Planets 2008 What Observations (can) Tell Us About Star Formation (Zipped keynote files, 120 M), (pdf, 33.6 M)
June 2008 Heidelberg, Germany Astronomy Colloquim, University of Heidelberg Tasting Models of Star Formation (Zipped keynote files, 1.3 M), (pdf, 39.7 M)
May 2008 Boston, MA Massachusetts General Hospital Program in Cancer Outcomes Research Training PCORT Seminar The Future of High-Dimensional Data Visualization, and its Communication (pdf), (Zipped keynote files)
April 2008 Tuscon, Arizona Stromfest 2008 A Celebration of the Scientific Accomplishments of Stephen E. and Karen M. Strom How Much Does Gravity Matter in Star-Forming Regions? (Zipped keynote files)
March 2008 Lexington, MA Talk for the 4th Grade at the Bridge School The Universe (Zipped keynote files), (Movie)
February 2008 Boston, MA 2008 AAAS Annual Meeting Virtual Observatories and Research Collaboratories: Network-Enabled Science (Zipped keynote files), (pdf)
February 2008 Boston, MA 2008 AAAS Annual Meeting Introduction to Seeing ScienceSymposium (Zipped keynote files), (pdf handout)
January 2008 Brighton, MA WGBH Meeting with Fetch! and More The Multicolor Universe (zipped keynote files), (pdf handout), (Multicolor movie), (PowerPoint version of presentation)













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