Talks 2009

2009 Location Forum Title
December 2009 Sydney, Australia Astromed 2009 Astronomical Medicine and the IIC (Zipped keynote file, 238 MB), (pdf, 35 MB) 
Seamless Astronomy (Zipped keynote file, 147 MB), (pdf, 12 MB)
November 2009 New Haven, CT Kauffman Innovation Roundtable on Sharing Data and Code in Computational Science, Yale Law School Seamless Astronomy (Zipped keynote file, 68 MB), (pdf)
November 2009 Boston, MA Collins Lecture; Massachusetts General Hospital Astronomical Medicine and Beyond (Zipped keynote files, 211 MB), (pdf)
October 2009 Arlington, VA Society for Social Studies of Science : Scientific Practices in Research and in Learning: Cyberinfrastructure Meets Cyberlearning The World Wide Telescope: Science and Learning Converge in the Skies (Zipped keynote files, 60 MB), (pdf)
October 2009 Newport, RI Dense Cores in Dark Clouds LXV Astronomical Medicine (Zipped keynote files, 93 MB), (pdf)
October 2009 Cambridge, MA CfA Colloquium Holistic Star Formation (Zipped keynote files, 297 MB), (pdf), (Video)
August 2009 Pucon, Chile Pucon Symposium 2009: Advanced Mathematical Tools for Frontier Astronomy Seamless Astronomy (Zipped keynote files, 256 MB), (pdf)
August 2009 Zurich, Switzerland ETH Zurich Seamless Astronomy & the WorldWide Telescope (Zipped keynote files, 261 MB), (pdf)
July 2009 Oxford, UK Gordon Research Conferences : Visualization In Science & Education From Baby Pictures to Baby Stars: What Scientists /Can/ See" (Zipped keynote files, 244 MB), (pdf)
June 2009 Tomales Bay, CA Miller Symposium Astronomy As I See It (v.2) (Zipped keynote files), (pdf)
May 2009 Cambridge, MA IIC Colloquium Astronomy as I "See" It (Zipped keynote files), (pdf)
May 2009 Granada, Spain Pipe Nebula State of the Union Dendro Pipe (Zipped keynote files), (pdf)
April 2009 Cambridge, MA VO Presentation to the CfA Seamless Astronomy (in 7 Minutes) (Zipped keynote files), (pdf)
March 2009 Redmond, Washington Microsoft External Research Symposium Seamless Astronomy (Zipped keynote files), (pdf)
March 2009 Tokyo, Japan International Festival of Scientific Visualization, Tokyo Seeing Science (Zipped keynote files), (pdf)
March 2009 Tokyo, Japan RIKEN Colloquium Star Formation and Tasting It (Zipped keynote files), (pdf)
January 2009 Cambridge, MA CfA Public Talk WorldWide Telescope (Zipped keynote files, 300 MB), (pdf, 20 MB)
January 2009 Longbeach, CA AAS Annual Meeting WorldWide Telescope (Zipped keynote files, 26 M), (pdf
January 2009 Longbeach, CA AAS Press Conference Astronomical Medicine (Zipped keynote files, 26 M), (pdf