Talks 2010

2010 Location Forum Title
December 2010 Boston, MA Clinical Bioinformatics Summit, Harvard Medical School Seamless Astronomy(keynote file, 67 MB), (pdf, 25 MB), and (ppt, 28 MB), 
November 2010 Boston, MA ADASS XX The Past and Future of Linked Views in Scientific Visualization (Zipped keynote file, 300 MB), (pdf, 11 MB), and (ppt, zipped file with attachments)
October 2010 Cambridge, VA Harvard Astronomy 301hf: "Journal Club" How hard is it to see the Milky Way in 3D, link to google docs presentation
August 2010 Victoria, BC NRC Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics "Homewreckers: Stars Disturbing their Ancestral Homes" plus "Seamless Astronomy" (Zipped keynote file, 113 MB), (pdf, 34 MB), and (ppt, zipped file with attachments)
July 2010 Cambridge, MA Harvard PRISE Summer Program Seamless Astronomy (Zipped keynote file, 126 MB), (pdf, 28 MB), and (ppt, zipped file with attachments)
June 2010 Cambridge, MA The Universe: The Kavli Science Journalism Workshop Visualizing the Universe (Zipped keynote file, 112 MB), (pdf, 50 MB), and (ppt, zipped file with attachments)
June 2010 Ringberg, Germany The Early Phase of Star Formation Homewreckers: Stars disturbing their ancestral homes (Zipped keynote file, 112 MB), (pdf, 50 MB), and (ppt, zipped file with attachments)
June 2010 Barcelona, Spain Computational Star Formation IAU Workshop Comparisons between Simulations and Observations: Where we Stand (Invited Review) (Zipped keynote file, 60 MB), (pdf, 50 MB), and (ppt, 50 MB)
May 2010 Cambridge, MA RG Lunch Talk Seamless Astronomy and WWT Ambassadors Program (Zipped keynote file, 133 MB), (pdf, 18 MB), and (ppt, 40 MB)
May 2010 Victoria, BC IVOA Interoperability meeting Seamless Astronomy, (pdf, 20 MB), ppt, 25 MB), (zipped keynote file, 60 MB)
April 2010 Baltimore, MD STScI Colloquium Making Stars (zipped key note files, 260 MB), (pdf, 25 MB), (ppt, 24 MB), (web cast)
April 2010 Redmond, WA Microsoft Research External Research Symposium Evermore Seamless Astronomy (pdf), (ppt), (zipped key note), (video)
March 2010 Greenbelt, MD Inaugural Meeting of the Virtual Astronomical Observatory Science Advisory Committee Evermore Seamless Astronomy (Zipped keynote file, 24 MB), (pdf, 13 MB), and (ppt, 14 MB)
January 2010 Washington, DC NSF Headquarters The WorldWide Telescope Ambassadors Program (Zipped keynote file, 50 MB), (pdf, 6 MB), (ppt, 17 MB)
January 2010 Granada, Spain III Meeting on e-Science Andaluza The Initiative in Innovative Computing at Harvard (Zipped keynote file, 188 MB), (pdf, 10 MB), (ppt, 12 MB)
January 2010 Washington, DC 215th AAS Meeting Astronomical Data and Information Visualization (Zipped keynote file, 184 MB), (pdf, 15 MB), (ppt, 11 MB)