Talks 2012

2012 Location Forum Title
November 2012 Chicago, IL CIERA, Fall 2012 Interdisciplinary Colloquium The Close Relationship between Heart Disease and Sea Monsters (key, 154 MB), (pdf, 64 MB), ppt, 118 MB)
October 2012 New Haven, CT Frontiers in Star Formation, Hosted by The Yale University Astronomy Department An Observer's View of Galactic Star Formation, (key, 109 MB), (ppt, 93 MB), (pdf slides, 30 MB), (pdf of literature table), (wtt, WorldWide Telescope tour) WWT tour requires Windows OS and WWT software which is free and available from the WWT Website
Videos: YoutubeVimeo
October 2012 Princeton, NJ Harvard Club of Princeton Annual Dinner Overcoming Narrow-Mindedness in Modern Science, Why Contextual Data Visualization is Becoming so Essential (key, 239 MB), (ppt, 218 MB), (pdf, 42 MB) 
September 2012 Redmond, WA (via Skype) AstroInformatics 2012 Educating Astroinformaticists (key, 16 MB), (ppt, 15 MB), (pdf, 6 MB)
September 2012 Cambridge, MA Presentation to Harvard ABCD Group Astronomy as an "Archetype for Online Science" , (key, 105 MB), (pdf, 22 MB), (ppt, 90 MB) 
July 2012 Cambridge, MA PRISE 2012 Astronomy as an "Archetype for Online Science" (key, 283 MB), (ppt, 168 MB), (pdf, 83 MB)
July 2012 Heidelberg, Germany .Astronomy4  Seamless Astronomy (+the Loch Ness Monster) (key, 103 MB), (ppt, 84 MB) (pdf, 46 MB) 
July 2012 Ringberg, Germany  Early Phases of Star Formation, 2012 Under Pressure (key, 41 MB), (ppt, 40 MB), (pdf, 11 MB)
June 2012 Zadar, Croatia Libraries in the Digital Age (LIDA) Seamless Astronomy (key, 111 MB) (ppt, 86 MB) (pdf, 59 MB)
June 2012 Cambridge, MA New Media Consortium Summer Conference An Alternate Universe of Learning, Through the Eyes of WorldWide Telescope (key, 73 MB), (ppt, 48 MB), (pdf, 4 MB), (WWT tours, 3 MB)
May 2012 Cambridge, MA ABCD Viz Panel Presentation Seeing Science (key, 474 MB, (ppt, 337 MB), (pdf, 20 MB)
May 2012 Cambridge, MA CfA Wide-Field Surveys Seminar The Value of Context in Astronomy (key, 269 MB), (ppt, 200 MB), (pdf, 19 MB)
April 2012 Cambridge, MA  A discussion with members of THURJ (The Harvard Undergraduate Research Journal) 21-st Century Research: Tools, Trends, and Transformation, web
February 2012 Nashville, TN  Vanderbilt Astronomy Colloquium Watching Stars Form (key, 258 MB), (ppt, 233 MB), (pdf, 56 MB)
February 2012 Cambridge, MA  ITC Pizza Lunch  Introduction to Star Formation (key, 225 MB), (pdf, 56 MB), (ppt, 137 MB), (pages handout) (handout pad)